In recent years, health issues developed in adults and children due to unhealthy food. However, the government recommends that each and every child and adult should eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables regularly. According to research, only five percent of children achieved this and others are eating just unhealthy food. It happened because of various reasons, one of the main reason professionals and parents find is that children are willing to eat unhealthy food crisps, sweets, bread, cake, etc but are less willing to eat healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables. Unhealthy food for kids is a greater risk of getting obese or overweight and develop health problems.

Unhealthy Foods for Kids

While we know that fried foods and junk food are unhealthy, there are a lot of seemingly healthy foods packed with bad-for-you ingredients. And when it comes to kids they are not able to understand which food is unhealthy for them and how any food item can affect their health. Children just focus on taste, not on its bad effect. In addition, some children even put non-food objects in their mouths. But there are various foods and things kids should not put in their mouths.

Children also eat raw veggies or fruits without even washing them. It is also harmful to their health. Most importantly children and adults focus is on eating junk food just because it looks amazing and tastes delicious. They avoid thinking about its nutritional value. Other harmful food items, packaged items, or snacks children intake regularly are chocolates, candies, packed juices, sandwiches, etc.

Foods to Avoid

Make endless mental notes of unhealthy foods such as fried snacks, sweets, and foods that your kids are not ready to avoid. But do you also know about foods laden with sodium, sugar, fat, and other unsavoury ingredients food and products? Below mentioned are 10 Unhealthy foods you should avoid for your kids as well as yourself:-

Fruit Snacks

Fruit Snacks

Fruit beverages have been pulling customers by using the word ‘fruit’ to sell nutritionally suspect products. But preservative and other chemicals they include in it is really harmful to our health. Moreover, fruit cakes or fruit gummies with sugar-filled as candy convince parents and kids with names mentioned on them ‘fruit’ and multi-colors. The fact that they stick to kids and cause teeth cavities.

French Fries

Unhealthy Foods for Kids

French fries in combo and even alone with fast food become children’s taste bud friend. It has unhealthy trans fats which are loaded with calories and its taste forces our taste buds to google too much of it at once. Due to this, children may not able to develop a taste for other vegetables. For your juniors, you should try to bake fries at home. You can also rustle up sweet potato fries which include fiber, vitamin C, and potassium.

Sugar Cereals

Sugar Cereals

You may know how most sugar cereals are high on carbs and low on fibers. You should pick cereals that contain less than 10 grams of sugar and almost 3 grams of fiber.

Deli Meals

Deli Meals

According to research findings the processed red meat, such as hot dogs or bologna, can increase the risk of heart disease,  diabetes, and colon cancer. You should stick to chicken instead of beef. But if you want to purchase deli meats, go with organic variants and low sodium ones that do not include extra nitrates. Another best option is to always get fresh meat.

Sweetened Drinks

Sweetened Drinks

Considering health risks due to soda is sadly true especially for kids. Because drinking cola or soda increases their chances of developing type-2 diabetes and ending up obese. Also the cavities they cause you must be aware of it. Soda is as bad as fruit drinks because they aren’t made from 100 percent juice. Their nutritional value is as low as soda. In this case, limit your child’s intake of package fruit juice and encourage her to drink a lot of milk and water.

Granola Bars

Unhealthy Foods for Kids

These are used as healthy snacks but ingredients in most of the granola bars make them a dessert instead of a nutrition full diet. If you wanna eat granola bars, search for at least two grams of fiber and less than 10 grams of sugar with no saturated fat, syrup, and sweeteners.

Sports Drinks

Unhealthy Foods for Kids

Your child may request a sports drink after that tiring session of cricket or badminton, but don’t let him any type of these drinks. Because kids get easily used to the taste and start demanding these drinks over water. Instead of these, you can give your child a glass of chocolate milk so that they get the right mix of carbs which is helpful in repairing muscle.



Don’t give your child honey, until he/she is at least a year old. They can contain spores that can cause botulism which can lead to symptoms like vomiting, dry mouth, paralysis, and breathing problems. Some kids have a weak immune system that is at high risk of getting botulism. That’s why doctors recommend avoiding honey-based products for babies.

Packaged Products Like Noodles

Unhealthy Foods for Kids

Not only noodles are low on nutrition value but also they are like various other products that are packed with a lot of sodium. Children of age 2 or 3 should not consume more than 1000mg per day. And for kids, up to eight years should not exceed 1200 mg per day. However, a single-serving pack of noodles has double the amount of sodium doctors recommend to a child.



Cheese is a great source of protein and calcium. A slice of cheese contains over 100 calories and 10 grams of fat. But children should get only one and a half cups amount of dairy regularly.


What to Eat Then?

You should avoid the above-mentioned foods or decrease the amount of consumption according to individual body requirements. You can give your child plenty of healthier foods for their fitness. It will be good if you read the ingredients list at the grocery store and look for partially hydrogenated oils in the list and nutrition levels for things without trans fat.

Children’s bodies need a balanced amount of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Offering a variety of food with natural color food items is the best way to create interest in eating.

Some foods (without trans fat) that kids should eat and enjoy are:-

  • Natural peanut butter:- Some brands of natural peanut butter are made without trans fat. You need to check out the label and buy the right one for your kids and yourself.
  • Kid Cereals:- Some of the kid’s cereals are made without trans fats such as Trix and Lucky Charms.
  • Freshly made biscuits:- You can give them fresh biscuits with low sugar.
  • Triscuit crackers:- These are made of whole grains and free of trans fat.
  • Fruit:- Natural fruits are best instead of fruit candies and beverages. Give your children apple, mango, and strawberries as a sweet fix.
  • Baked foods:- Instead of fried snacks, baked food is healthier and less messy.
  • Homemade pie crusts:- It’s a hard work of love and your kids will like to helps you in rolling and cutting its dough.

Why do Kids Like Unhealthy Foods?

Do you know? Kids are born with a tendency to prefer sweet tastes and to dislike bitter tastes. All those vegetables which taste bitter are less popular. The reason why children dislike bitter taste is based on our deep-rooted tendency. Humans have an innate sense which indicates freshness through sweet tastes and bad food sense through bitter or sour taste.

It is normal for children to reject foods like vegetables and even fruits but it does not mean that this rejection should be accepted or ignored in terms of food. It is important to make your child learn that these foods are part of the diet.

It is harder to make every healthy food attractive like unhealthy alternatives which target children. It is most important to take care of your child’s health. Because unhealthy diet can lead your child towards major health issues such as type-2 diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases, etc.

Children who consume unhealthy diets may suffer from being underweight, overweight, or obese. Having too much loss or gain in weight due to unhealthy food may lead to social, negative, physiological, and psychological effects.

What Can I Do to Help My Kid Eat More Healthy Food?

If your child is choosy or reluctant to try new things, there are various tricks and simple ways to get them away from unhealthy food. A healthy diet in childhood becomes base for good health. We should eat at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day. The best way to keep your child healthy is to shape his/her preferences towards a healthy diet from an early age. So that you can be able to remove unhealthy foods and drinks from your child’s mind and environment.

However, it depends a lot on you.  Because you need to make a change in your usual routine ie. what you buy and what food you cook or eat for yourself. These changes are going to benefits your child’s health a lot. so In this Summer try to give your children more Vegetables and Fruits.

Things You Should Try to Make Your Child Learn that Healthy Food is Best for His/Her Health

When we need to consider children’s health, It’s never too late to make changes to your family’s diet. Nor it is too early to educate basics of healthy eating your kid.

Healthy food is normal food: It is necessary to keep your child familiar with healthy food so that they like to eat them with interest. Don’t use the only mealtime to make him learn about healthy food. Use some tricks and other creative ways to make him learn that healthy food is normal food that you should eat regularly.

Make yours a healthy home: It is essential to remove unhealthy foods and drinks from your home. Because your child can demand soft drinks from you if it is available in your home refrigerator. If these types of things are not there, they cannot be eaten by them. Always remember, water is the best way to keep your child hydrated. See the above section to know what tricks you could use to avoid certain unhealthy foods for kids.

Educate: Education is important to internally motivate your child to eat healthy food. By describing the importance of healthy food they need to put into their bodies and what special properties vegetables, dairy, fruits, and whole grains have. There are now many games available online that are designed specifically to make children learn these healthy eating habits. However, these games are full of fun to engage with.

Cultivate: You should cultivate some veggies and fruits in your garden with your kids. In this way, they will surely take interest in watching them grow and also be more likely to eat foods that they have grown with you.


You cannot change your kids’ diet completely, nor you should deprive them of occasional treats. Also, there are various foods and drinks you really shouldn’t give your children more than once in a great while because these are unhealthy food for kids. Unhealthy food for kids is associated with a number of serious health problems which may cause some serious health issues such as heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and cancer. Say completely no to soft drinks, fast food, fried food, chocolates, and other packaged food include preservatives to keep your kid fit and healthy.

In addition, parents need to be well informed about the potential negative health effects of unhealthy food on kids. With the right information and knowledge, parents can keep their children healthy by providing a proper diet to them.

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