Best Flooring Over Time

The Best Flooring Transformations Over Time

Since its inception by Sidney Feldman, Best flooring has undergone numerous transformations. Since 1953, Best Flooring has served home builders amazingly as one of the finest discount flooring stores. This is due to the widespread knowledge that your home is your castle and should always be at its best. Together with his friend, Sidney Feldman started to service contract builders, which led to the birth of Best Flooring. This company became among the first contract companies in Indianapolis which was an entirely new concept at the time.

The Best Flooring Company has metamorphosed over the decades. In 2008 it became the Big Bob’s flooring outlet when Feldman Family opened it as part of the Big Bob’s franchise and Big Bob’s Carpet. Big Bob’s Flooring was started by Dave Elychar popularly known as Big Bob. He still manages the very first store he opened back in 1983. Personally he is actively involved with all the stores in his franchise and he was actively involved in the establishment of the Indianapolis division, Big Bob’s Indy. This type of firsthand involvement has kept Big Bob’s few strides ahead of Big Box Stores together with better prices provide their customers with great experience and satisfaction.

In spite of the fact that this store is no longer associated with Big Bob’s Carpet and Big Bob’s Flooring, it is still in the same safe pair of hands bringing a staggering 300 years of experience, insight, and expertise.

Before becoming Best Flooring, Big Bob’s Indy was a flooring outlet that specialized in flooring special products such as discontinues overstocks and mill overruns. The Big Bob’s Indy embarked on a search for the best deals and since the Big Bob’s Flooring and Big Bob’s Carpet brought these deals to the buyers at incredible prices. Additionally, there have been no stock-outs since Big Bob’s received shipments all the time, continually providing the customers with new and exciting products.

However, Big Bob’s Indy is no more it’s now one of those best discount flooring stores called Best Flooring which is owned by Jeff Dawalt. In the year 2006, the company achieved the much-coveted NHQ certification with NAHB. Over the years, Best Flooring has scooped a number of awards. For two years in a row, Davis and Estridge have awarded the company the title of the Subcontractor of the year. Best Flooring has been nominated twice and won the Estridge Homes’ President’s award.

Over and above its wide array of flooring options, Best Flooring is incredible in its installation. It has developed “ Best Inspect” which is a home inspection technique that eliminates installation problems before closing. The installation is reviewed personally to ensure compliance with quality standards. Additionally, Best Flooring has installed the Extreme Makeover Home Edition, which installs most of the flooring to the local Habitat for Humanity.

Nowadays, Best Flooring has relocated from Broad Ripple to the Northwest side of Indianapolis. It has a state of the art facility which is complete with a warehouse. The new location ensures that the Best Flooring is able to meet the current demands of home builders because home builders always look for worthy discount flooring stores in hand.

Shifting from the history of Best Flooring to the actual services offered the company stocks and installs quality, tiles, stone and hardwood, resilient, laminate, and carpet flooring together with window treatments. Unluckily, the customers are not familiar with these options, leaving them with a lot of information to learn. Best Flooring has tremendous and extensive know-how of these flooring options and they are ready to advise as well as answer any queries that might arise. Below are some of the Best Flooring options.

Hardwood flooring 

The popularity of this option is premised on the fact that wood provides natural warmth, has impressive wear resistance, and can be refinished and sanded several times. Depending on the type of wood used, this flooring can be very temperamental, resilient, or scratch proof. Best Flooring undergoes a myriad of different finishes, grades, styles, width and benefits, and effective care techniques.

Stone and Tile Flooring 

This flooring option forms an incredible choice due to its numerous design possibilities. Tiles and stones come in different colors and shapes giving rise to a variety of different beautiful patterns. This flooring forms a perfect option for areas susceptible to spills and high traffic.

Ceramic tiles have unique colors and textures, which offer a wide dynamic character. This classic material is resistant to scratches, wear, dents, moisture, and stains.

Stone is an ancient material with an incredible ethereal as well as a natural feel. Its strong, durable, and stable. Some of the options available include granite, marble, limestone, slate, and travertine.

Laminate Flooring 

This is a manufactured flooring option that closely resembles hardwood, ceramic tile, natural stone, and other flooring options. It is easy- to –care for an option which is affordable with a premium look.

Vinyl Flooring 

Vinyl has various usage for decoration. This is the unparalleled option that offers incredible styles, value, and ease of maintenance. This is an especially good flooring option when it comes to dents, scratches, and discoloration from the sunlight. It is easy to install with numerous designs and colors to choose from.

Carpet flooring 

Due to its antiquity, this flooring option needs little explanation. It has different styles, cuts, fibers, yarns, benefits, and maintenance options hence its popularity.

Bottom Line

Best flooring provides our esteemed installers for your window treatment and flooring. We stand behind our products and service without flinching. We also focus intently on products that can be easily installed by Do-It-Yourselfer. You can write to us via email, call us or stop on by. We are devoted to ensuring that you find the exact prices and products you are looking for.