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The Most Flattering Plus Size Swimwear for Women

When women shop for clothing, they are often more anxious due to difficulty finding pieces that fit perfectly. They often walk away with pieces that fit “well enough,” but not perfectly. And when it comes to swimwear, forget about it! No one wants to wear a suit that’s okay but not great.  Finding a perfect swimsuit that matches your body shape can help to reduce such anxiety. We have researched and identified flattering plus size swimwearfor women with different body shapes, i.e., those with big chests, tummies, straight shapes and full thighs, to give you a sense of what to look for when swimsuit shopping.

We know that finding an appropriate swimsuit can be a daunting task especially if you are a plus size woman. This article will provide information on how to choose flattering plus size swimwear for you.

plus size swimwearSmall Bust

If you have a small bust, count yourself blessed among women. To add cleavage and curves, you need to search for Bikini tops. You should look for swimsuits that have boning or padding that will help in adding contours. Or try ruffles that have no added material on them.


This is more than a flattering swimsuit. It has removable cups can help you to improve your feminine shape. It has matching bottoms that serve to elongate you while focusing more on the upper part of your body. It has removable straps for maximum security and comfort.

Love Stories Bikini

Do not allow the vintage appeal of this dress fool you. It has volume and padding that will boost your small bust. It has a cute striped print that improves its retro look. It helps to add cleavage to your body shape.

Flamingo One Piece swimwear

Initially, it may look counter-intuitive, but V necklines are ideal for small busts. But it can add cleavage to your body shape.

Push Up Bikini

If you have a plus size mentality, then this is the right swimsuit for you. It has serious structure and padding that can add curves at any point that you need them.

Striped Tankini

This swimsuit adds oomph to your small bust instantly. It is an ideal swimsuit for those who can wear it without requiring any support.

Straight Figure

Women with narrower figures should not care about balancing their proportions since they can wear any style they want. But if you are after curves, you need to add details of your dimensions such as cut-outs. Add bold prints to create an illusion of an hourglass body shape that is more flattering.

Striped Bikini

If you want the best plus size swimwear for this body shape, then you need to select a suit that has adjustable neckline and ties to customize your size.

Strapless Bikini

Bikinis don’t need to be teeny-weeny; two pieces can create a curvaceous body shape. These high-waisted bottoms make your hips to appear more attractive than the underwire tops. You can use the advantage of the color theory to select the right plus size swimwear for your body shape. It has a triangle cut that spices up your body shape by adding angles that improve narrower frames.


Are you feeling ashamed to expose your midsection? You should look for bikinis that have cuts to help you flaunt your body shape.

Print Bikini

Anyone, regardless of her size or shape, looks great when wearing a bikini. The soft band will not affect your skin and when you wear it gives a flattering shape.

Underwire Square Neck Tankini

It gives you a slimmer look because of its solid panel. It has a hidden lining that enhances your body figure. And it will give you a slender look.

Bottom Line

This article has revealed all the secrets of choosing the right plus size swimwear for women for all body types. Whether you have a small waist or a large tummy, this article will help you select your right fit. It is a must-read for all plus size women who are struggling to find the right swimsuits for their body shapes.

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