Nicotinamide Riboside in Niagen So Important?

Nicotinamide Riboside in Niagen and its importance

So you’ve never heard of nicotinamide riboside (NR), the main ingredient in Niagen from Live Cell Research? That’s understandable. Even scientists have just recently discovered how important NR could be to fighting the signs of aging. Here’s an explanation of what NR is and why you need more of it.

How Nicotinamide Riboside Works

NR is a form of vitamin B3 that scientists have actually known about for about 70 years. But it wasn’t until recently that they discovered just how vital this substance actually is. NR is a “precursor” to another substance known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+. This simply means that NAD+ is formed from NR.

“So what?” you may ask. Well, NAD+ helps ensure that the mitochondria and nucleus of a cell can communicate with each other. The mitochondria produces the energy that a cell needs, while the nucleus is basically the “brain” of the cell. These two components have to “talk” to each other in order for the cell to work as it should.

Unfortunately, as we get older there’s a communication breakdown between the nucleus and mitochondria. This, in turn, leads to the signs of aging such as muscle weakness, wrinkling and others. Ensuring you have an ample supply of NAD+ is critical to slowing the aging process – and you can’t do that unless you have enough NR.

You can get NR naturally through milk and beer. However, it would be impossible to drink enough milk in order to substantially boost NAD+ in your body – you’d have to drink about 100,000 glasses.1

A Safe and Healthy Way to promote Cellular Energy

Grocery and convenience store shelves are full of products that help increase energy. However, these are stimulant-based products, such as energy drinks, that can make you feel “wired,” or jittery. They can also increase your blood pressure and heart rate to potentially dangerous levels, as well as significantly increase your blood sugar. And use of these products often results in a “crash,” or a sudden drop in energy.

Cellular energy is a great deal different than energy from stimulants. When you have the right amount, you have an overall sense of wellbeing without all of the negative side effects. Taking a supplement containing NR is extremely safe, and you won’t have to worry about experiencing the “hot flashes” commonly associated with niacin, another substance that can increase NAD+ levels.

Niagen is the first product commercially available that contains NR. It doesn’t produce any side effects, and it’s extremely easy to use. Simply take a capsule each morning on an empty stomach with a glass of water before breakfast. Niagen capsules don’t contain any synthetic additives, caffeine or dairy products, and they’re safe for everyone.

The company that makes Niagen, Live Cell Research, is committed to providing people with innovative nutritional supplements that improve their overall health. Live Cell Research puts Niagen and all of its other products through grueling testing in order to ensure their potency, safety and quality.

Even if you’re committed to eating right and exercising on a regular basis, it’s an unfortunate fact that life can sometimes get in the way. When this happens, it will be critically important that you still take steps to ensure that you stay as energetic and healthy as possible. That’s why Live Cell Research makes products such as Niagen – to help make sure you still get the nutrition you need to keep performing at your best.

All of the company’s products contain ingredients that deliver benefits backed by solid scientific evidence, and are tested by third-party laboratories to ensure quality and effectiveness. In addition, they’re all made in the U.S. following practices that meet or exceed industry standards.

When you make the decision to try Niagen or any other product made by Live Cell Research, you can rest assured there will be no risk. The company recommends that you try three bottles – a 90-day supply – before you determine whether or not it will work. But if you are not completely satisfied with Niagen for whatever reason, you won’t have anything to lose. Simply return the bottles and you’ll get a full refund with no questions asked.