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IT support: Find Out About an Career That Does Not Need a Degree

It will be quite interesting to find a well-paying job without necessarily getting a college degree! Indeed, a college degree isn’t that necessary for a great career. IT support jobs have proven to be quite impressive, primarily due to their rewarding pay, and you don’t have to incur the expenses of a college degree. 

Though much research supports the idea that the more educated you are, the more your chances of employment, it still hold s that you can even get a job without the degree. Let’s delve deep into the IT support work and why you need to embrace this career path. 

What is IT Support?

First things first, what is IT support? IT stands for information technology; sometimes, it is called technical support. The service provides assistance to individuals or companies that needs to solve problems that associate with the computer. Many businesses have the capacity to employ a dedicated IT service, necessitating outsourcing from a specialist company. Outsourcing from a specialist company enables the business to access specialist services when the need arises. 

In-house IT support can be quite expensive, therefore, making it economical to outsource. The specialist companies have all the resources, space, and technical know-how in all fields hence ensuring that you are at peace. It even increases your productivity levels because you don’t have to think about what you ought to do. Instead, you leave all the jobs to the IT support service. 

Tips for Getting a Job Without a College Degree 

Now that we know what IT support is, it will be worth delving a little bit into how to get a job without a college degree. Many tips will accord your success in all these career paths even when you don’t have a degree. 

First, Strive for Certifications

Certification will improve your acceptance whenever you apply for a job. It will be a great advantage when you strive to get certified by vocational or specialized training institutions. You may also subscribe to a training program that will empower you at the end of the exercise. 

What is Your Career Aptitude?

When you understand your career aptitude, you can have all that it takes to acquire the join, even without a college degree. You can attempt Flex Jobs that offers its members over 170 skills tests, which gauges the professional strengths and aptitudes. It is a milestone to know the powers that will guide you in propelling the innate abilities. 

Get on the Job Training

Technology does often change, necessitating the need to search for flexible jobs to learn new in-demand skills. Job training ensures that you sharpen your existing skills. It is a great way to stay ahead, making it easier for you to land a job because you are proactively engaged in development. 

You will Do Well With Internships and Volunteer Work.

Internships and voluntary work are critical to more success in your career path. You will get a chance to gain valuable experiences. The idea is excellent for both the degree holders and non-degree holders. You will have the opportunity to show samples in your portfolio. The employers will use this to gauge your professionalism. 

Take Online Courses

When you consider the online courses, you will enjoy the flexibility you work at your own pace. It is also beneficial for an online job. Many universities are offering free classes. It will be great also considering platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn learning. 

Find the Mentor

Career counselors are great people who will provide valuable advice even as you pursue your career path. Mentors will help you in pointing out critical areas where you will be improving. 


Make connections with useful people who recognize your abilities. When you have recommendations from people who are well connected, then be sure to win big in your job search even without a college degree. Improving networking skills is excellent since it opens more opportunities for you, for you will be enjoying the connections with potential employers. 

10 IT Support Jobs You Can Get Without a College Degree

Now that you have the tips that will guide you in getting a job without a college degree, you should know the type of work you will be dealing with! Here are the ten best IT support jobs that you should consider even as you look for a job 

Computer Support Specialist

Computer support specialist is the leading types of IT support jobs that you should consider. Here you will help the technical staff answer tech questions and troubleshoot any issues related to computers. Notably, the job may attract graduates and associates, but it is not limited to that. You can still do it even without a college degree. Notably, the IT support job will guide you, especially when you are a tech-savvy person, where it will immerse you in an in-depth knowledge of the IT services. 

Junior Data Analyst

You can also earn great deals with a job that entails data. Junior data analyst will review raw data outputs, after which he processes that data to make it viable and come up with reports. Reports here will involve the extraction of actionable intelligence aimed at informing. The junior data analyst needs to know specific apps such as SPSS and excel that aids in data management.  

Help Desk Analyst

IT support jobs include the help desk analyst. The help desk analyst will troubleshoot and resolve any hardware, software, or even network issues. You may want to improve your networking skills by getting a CompTIA A+ certification so that you efficiently qualify for entry-level help desk jobs. 

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers are not necessarily degree holders. For programming, you just need to know the language of coding to work smoothly. The IT support job entails writing codes for computer and mobile applications.  Computer programmers will also be closely engaged in maintaining, debugging, and troubleshooting systems and all other software to ensure the smooth running. 

Web Developer

You don’t need a bachelor’s degree to discharge we development wok using coding languages such as HTML, R, or even JavaScript. They are very flexible entry-level jobs where they bring a website to life through coding. The web development splits into two areas, that is the front end and back end development. The web developer will create visible parts on a website that will appear in the user’s web browsers. In contrast, other field aims at enhancing the database and infrastructure. You can do this work without a degree, though it while a significant milestone when you have a bachelor’s degree. 

Social Media Manager

Social media managers get paid to create, implement, and take full control of social media businesses such as branding and marketing campaigns. All you need is the skills and passion for qualifying for this IT support job. You harness your social media skills by starting your brand and then extending to other local businesses that will be willing to pay you to showcase what you have. 

SEO Specialist

SEO specialists are great people who are responsible for the top ranking of your website.  They use the natural skills to analyze and research using the software tools and coding skills to develop the client’s website to rank best in the search engines such as Google. An SEO specialist can get a job in a company where they will combine many skills, including those from writers, to help the client website rank best. Many SEO companies are now available, and they all do marvelous work in ensuring that the client’s website is ranking best in the search engines. 

Cyber- Security Specialist

A cybersecurity specialist is a field in IT support. All you need is to engage in training from providers such as CompTIA cybersecurity analysts. You will be sure to have all that it takes to be a professional in the best IT support field. 

Web Designer

Web designing may resemble web development. You don’t have to go to school to do this, since it is part of the freelance work. You will be tasked with creating visual mockups of websites, such as designing the website’s visual themes, color pallets, and font sets. 

Online Advertising Marketer

Online advertising marketers plan several campaigns that promote products or services. You will do this through social media platforms such as Facebook or use video, text, or even interactive internet ads. 

The IT support jobs are many, and these are us but a few that can help you get started. You can do all of it if you are that first learner who enjoys anything to do with IT, but it will be great to specialize and become thorough in one field. 

Bottom Line

To conclude, Information technology support jobs are available online. You can always try at the freelancing platforms. If you are lucky enough to get clients who can employ your skills, you should be ready to do your best because that could be your path to a successful career.

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