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Last week during our Creative Christmas series, Krista shared how to build this easy trio of wood Christmas stars. And when something turns out so well… you build it even BIGGER, right? This large rustic wood star is perfect for Christmas but will be right at home during the summer for the 4th of July or any time of the year, and the extra step of adding shimmer makes it extra beautiful! Read on for the instructions to make this DIY large star using reclaimed wood: 

If you built the One Star 3 Ways from One Board stars, this build is very similar. Just on a larger scale!

How to Build a Large Rustic Star from Old Fence Boards

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How To Build A Diy Large Rustic Wood Star From Reclaimed Wood Old Fence Boards For Christmas 4th Of July And Year Round Decorating @Remodelaholic

Large Star Building Instructions

Step 1

Mark the center line on the sheet of plywood.Remodelaholic Large Rustic Star Step 1

Step 2

Using the handy protractor you borrowed from your kids, mark 18 degrees from the center on both sides of the center line, and extend the line to the bottom of the board.

Remodelaholic Large Rustic Star Step 2

Or measure and mark 8 3/8″ from the outside corners. Then draw a line connecting the center point with your measured points.

Step 3

Next using the protractor mark a 36 degree angle from the bottom points, and extend the line to the edge of the board. If you aren’t using a protractor mark points 28 3/4″ from the bottom corners on both side, and draw a line connecting the bottom points of your star to the new measured marks.

Remodelaholic Large Rustic Star Step 3

Step 4

Finally draw a line connecting the final two points!

Remodelaholic Large Rustic Star Step 4

Step 5

Clamp your board down so that one section is off the edge of your table, and using your small electric hand saw (like this) cut along the lines to the inside corner. You will want to use the jig saw to finish the corner. Cut and remove all sections in blue.

Remodelaholic Large Rustic Star Step 5a

Step 6

Lay out your reclaimed fence slats so that the star fits within the pieces.

Remodelaholic Large Rustic Saw Step 6 (1)

Remodelaholic Large Rustic Saw Step 6 (2)

And trace your star on the slats so you know where to cut. I didn’t want to have to use the table saw for this project so I made sure that the one piece that runs parallel with two points run along both edges.

Step 7

Clamp and cut each piece along the marked line.

IMG 20171024 173005625

Some pieces were easier to cut on my miter saw, and some were easier with the small hand saw. To use the miter saw I lined the traced line up with the saw blade, and then made the cut.

Lay out each piece in order on your star to keep them in order to glue on later. (Coolers make great tables!)

Remodelaholic Large Rustic Star Step 7 (1)

Remodelaholic Large Rustic Star Step 7 (4)

Step 8

Beginning with the parallel piece, run a bead of glue zigzagged where the piece belongs, and clamp all your pieces to the large star cutout.

Remodelaholic Large Rustic Star Step 8 (1)

Remodelaholic Large Rustic Star Step 8 (2)Remodelaholic Large Rustic Star Step 8 (3)

Allow each piece to set before removing the clamps and gluing additional pieces. Continue gluing until all pieces are in place.

Remodelaholic Large Rustic Star Step 8 A

Step 9

I feel like a star should shimmer! So, once the glue has set, spray entire top surface and edges with glitter shimmer spray.

Remodelaholic Large Rustic Star Step 9


Step 10

Optional! If you would like to make your star two sided, paint the other side for the 4th of July!


Then pair the large star with the smaller wood stars you made following this tutorial:

Remodelaholic 3 Star Postor with the herringbone trees following this tutorial.DIY Herringbone Wood Christmas Trees + Sparkly Rustic Wood Star

I hope you enjoyed making all of these stars as much as I did! Let me know which one is your favorite!

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