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Great Career Fields for the Future

Great Career Fields for the Future

The current job market faces cut-throat competition as potential job seekers put their best foot forward to present themselves as the best fit for companies. The job market faces constant shrinkage in its workforce as companies get forced to lay off workers due to unfavorable work environments, stiff competition, among other factors. As the job environment looks bleak. We can’t help but asks ourselves what comes across as the best careers out there.

It comes across as hard when trying to answer such a question since the best careers typically get pegged on various factors such as pay, flexibility, working hours, job satisfaction, growth, and stress levels. This article delves deep and brings to the fore some of the best careers to consider in the future. Read on.

Medical Field

The medical field comes across as one of the areas exhibiting immense potential and growth. The area is composed of a plethora of specialists such as doctors, registered nurses, dentists, among many others. For instance, the average annual perk for a registered nurse falls to around $ 85000, with the figure slated to increase by 23% in the future. With the growing number of elderly citizens, the medical profession seems to grab the longer end of the stick as it’s quite evident that their services will tremendously increase.

Physician assistants and certified nurse anesthetics also come across as professions in the medical fields that exhibit high demanded, and the demand for their services slated to increase in the future.

Technology Sector

Across the job sector, careers in the information technology come across as number one in terms of expected job growth in the near future. System engineers and software architects, among others, are highly sought after thanks to the unprecedented developments in technology. A systems engineer rakes in around $87,000 per year. The career field faces an increased growth of approximately 45% in the near future.
Software architects seem to be commanding this group with an annual pay perk of $119,000. They exhibit a 34% growth prospect in the future.

Financial Services

A career in the financial service is much dreaded by many. For those good with numbers, this is a career that might prove to be quite worthy. Companies are increasingly doing away with pension schemes. The average financial adviser and actuaries make well above $100,000 a year with a future projected growth of 24%.

Education Arena

As potential job employees strive to add more qualifications to their existing ones, the teaching sector comes across as one of the fields with the best careers projected to flourish in the future. Practically every profession has gone through at one time through the hands of either an elementary, High school, or a college teacher. For those who love interacting with kids, this might prove to be their niche since they make an average of $50000 annually. Their future growth potential stands at 18%.

Technical jobs

Many technical jobs don’t require the attainment of a degree but need some certification. Under this field, we do have dental hygienists and physical therapists who work hand in hand with other significant medical practitioners, such as doctors. The area is currently booming with an annual pay perk of $42000 for a physical therapist $ 68000 for a dental hygienist.

Business Service Jobs

Jobs in the service sector are the lifeline for most developed and non-developed economies around the globe. In developed countries such as the US, they account for more than 70% of all the existing jobs. Among the service industry, EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) comes across as the best career with a pay averaging $70000 a year.

Career Fields for the Future

Alternatively, a career as an estimator comes across as being potentially profitable since most projects enlist their services to know whether a project has the potential of either making profits or losses. The pay comes to around $68000, with a 25% career growth within the next ten months.

Sales Jobs

Sales and other sales functions, such as business development, are quite significant to companies. Sales activities are the economic engine of every business irrespective of the field they may be in. They help companies attain their revenue targets. Though they may come across as challenging or full of pressure, they come across as well paying. Sales directors an impressive $147000 followed closely by their senior sales executives who rake in $127000 per year

Consulting Jobs

Companies are hard hit with a lot of challenges in today’s modern business environment. Some of the problems involve reducing company costs to stay afloat. To do this, they have shifted to outsourcing their needs to independent consulting firms. Given the number of companies out there and the constant challenges they face, consulting firms seem to have a great future, thus being one of the best careers currently. Over the next decade, the consulting industry is due to experience a double-digit growth. Healthcare and management consultants are poised to experience a 24% growth, clearly indicating that this is among the fields that exhibit potential growth.

Engineering Jobs

The engineering sector typically gets plagued with a scarcity of both science and math majors in higher learning institutions. As a result, companies are experiencing quite a hard time laying their hands on quality engineers. Since the construction field is booming, their services are highly required. Engineers can easily make six-figure digit salary annually with a minimum salary capped at $76000.

Middle Management Jobs

For an organization to function correctly, they need the intervention of middle-level managers to oversee the day to day operations of the business by maintaining smooth interaction between staff and management. Roles such as product managers, Research, and Development Managers, among other roles, are integral to the survival of an entity. By mitigating risks, Risk management roles falls among the best careers and will leap to 24%, with an annual salary getting capped at $107000.

Final Word

Before choosing a career, it’s best that you evaluate its potential in terms of growth in the future and how future technological advancements will affect its survival. Many professions have come and gone owing to technological advancements. The best careers out there will depend on whether such careers can change with a change in technology.