FAB CBD Review

Are you searching for CBD products but don’t know the company to choose from? Our Fab CBD Review will help you make a decision. CBD is making waves in the health and wellness industry recently. In short, it is a chemical compound with a lot of therapeutic benefits.

Usually, one can see it in oils and edibles as they soothe and calm the body. However, with the emergence of many CBD Companies lately, it is not easy to trust some brands. Hence we came up with this buying guide.

Above all, FAB CBD is well-known as one of the best CBD brands. Their product and services are top-notch. Thanks to their active and transparent demonstration, it has won the hearts of many. If you’re curious about their products, making, and the story behind them, go through our Fab CBD review.

FAB CBD and Their Rich History

FAB CBD currently resides in Tampa, Florida, while they source their hemp from Colorado. Indeed, their mission is simple, and that is to produce quality products. Moreover, they desire to lead a new era where people enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Above all, the Company strives to achieve its goal by using science and innovation. Meanwhile, FAB CBD makes sure their products are accessible to consumers.

Since its existence in 2017, its hemp is of great benefit to users. Also, they’re successful by promoting healthy living using their product. Another notable thing about this Company is their desire to work on personal development. Thus, they will be growth and a more youthful generation.

On the other hand, they help communities by providing charity. Most importantly, one cannot question the various beautiful products they offer.

Product Highlights

Indeed, this Company has a line-up of quality products. For example, they have oil tinctures, gummies, topical, CBD dog treats, and superfoods. All FAB CBD products grow in Colorado, the home of quality hemp.

Moreover, the Company’s hemp is 100% natural and organic. Therefore, they’re free of pesticides and are Non-GMO. Their products are safe, affordable, and easy to administer. Let’s get into the details of each product.


FAB CBD Products

Overall, this Company offers the best CBD oil in the market. Of course, this oil is a unique blend of quality and worth. They use premium hemp to produce their oil tinctures. For example, the oils are available in five distinct flavors. One can choose from citrus, vanilla, berry, and mint. Of course, there’s the natural flavor for those who may not find the other tastes appealing.

Also, Fab CBD oil comes in 4 different strengths, which include 300, 600, 1200mg, and 2400mg. Meanwhile, the 300 mg strength is for mild conditions. One can also use it to manage stress. Moreover, the 1200 mg dose works well in relieving pain. The oils are organically grown hemp, and it has a 12-month shelf life. However, FAB CBD oils are non-psychoactive as they contain less than 0.3% THC.

Further, there is a convenient dropper measuring each dose. Besides, the Company uses only pure CBD and fractionated coconut oil as significant elements. The method of extraction is CO2, thereby making the oil potent and of good quality.

Above all, these oils contain whole-plant hemp extracts to deliver excellent effects. As a result, it helps support everyday stress, calmness, and focus. Athletes can use this full-spectrum oil to recover from exercise. Also, these oils undergo third-party lab tests at Pro Verde laboratories.

Topical CBD Cream

CBD Cream

Another interesting product in our Fab CBD review is the Topical Cream. Yet, this one may be the answer to your inflammation and severe pain. Also, it can work for joint and muscle aches as well as revitalizes the body.

Meanwhile, this Company offers a 2oz jar with 600mg of CBD in each cream. The topical contains full-spectrum hemp plants. Also, all FAB CBD cream is organically grown hemp from Colorado.

Further, this FAB CBD cream for pain delivers more effect than the usual CBD pain relief rub. The scent of this product is fantastic, with a subtle blood orange fragrance. Additionally, this product contains coconut oil and Aloe Vera for delicate skin. Hence, these ingredients help moisturize dry skin.

CBD Gummies

Fab CBD Chews

Likewise, these gummies are a great way to manage everyday stress. While most chews don’t provide any benefit, these gummies are potent and effective. Meanwhile, FAB CBD gummies are THC-free. Therefore, they have isolate oil, which makes it non-psychoactive. These gummies offer a relaxing and enjoyable way to experience a stress-free chew.

Moreover, each bottle contains 30 chews with 750mg potency. Thus, a single gummy delivers 25mg of CBD. These gummies are non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. Luckily for some, FAB CBD gummies can alleviate hunger. Also, they are delicious snacks and can maintain health.

FAB CBD gummies contain whole-plant extracts and are environmentally friendly. Above all, these gummies undergo third-party lab tests by Pro Verde laboratories. Indeed, FAB CBD offers the best CBD edibles for sale.

CBD Dog Treats

CBD Dog Treats

Dogs have the same endocannabinoid system as humans. Therefore, FAB CBD was able to create a product for pets. These dog treats are made with broad-spectrum hemp oil. But, they still contain other cannabinoids making them fruitful and beneficial to pets.

Also, they’re wheat-free and include an oat base. However, these treats are perfect for dogs with anxiety and other health issues. And as such, we found them worthy to be listed in our FAB CBD Review.

Further, this product is rich in calorie content and is free from dairy, soy, or corn. Above all, they’re THC-free with 3mg of CBD per treat. They come in three formulas and flavors. For example, you can get it in salmon, chicken, and peanut butter flavors. Moreover, the available characters include calm & cool, skin & coat, and active immune.

Most importantly, FAB CBD uses chemotherapy in the process of producing their dog treats. Hence, there are no traces of the intoxicating properties of THC.

FAB Nutrition Greens Superfoods

FAB Nutritions

Firstly, this superfood from FAB CBD contains 80+ vital micro-nutrients. Secondly, they help remove harmful toxins from the body. You can try this product to boost energy. FAB Superfoods are mostly plant-based. Moreover, there are a lot of vegetables and fruits in it.

Further, the greens are great with a pleasant taste. It is easy to mix and helps with digestion.

Also, the vital ingredients in these superfoods help support mental clarity and focus. People suffering from stress and immune dysfunction can also benefit from this product. On the other hand, FAB Green superfoods are non-CBD blends. Therefore, they contain zero hemp extracts.

Meanwhile, they come in two amazing flavors, including citrus mojito and cocoa crisp. Most importantly, they’re vegan, KETO friendly, and gluten-free. Also, these superfoods are Non-GMO, dairy, and soy-free.

Advantages & Drawbacks

Indeed, FAB CBD’s advantages outweigh the drawbacks. The Company has many positive feedbacks due to what they provide. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of FAB CBD products.


  • CBD Types

Brands that offer both isolates and full-spectrum CBD tend to thrive well. Moreover, customers often have options when it comes to selection. In case you don’t know, full-spectrum products contain small amounts of THC. Usually, they have less than 0.3% THC. On the other hand, isolated products do not have any trace of THC. Fab CBD offer full-spectrum CBD oils and CBD isolate gummies.

  • Third-party tests

Confident and trustworthy brands test their products through third-party labs. Meanwhile, FAB CBD tests its products regularly to ensure potency and quality. Thus, they offer 100% pure, pesticide, and herbicide-free products.

  • Method of extraction

Indeed, FAB CBD depends on the CO2 method of extraction. The process is the best because it produces high-quality CBD oil. Also, the process is environmentally friendly as it does not leave any trace of heavy metals.

  • Cost

However, CBD products are not the least in the market. Yet, they’re still affordable, especially their CBD oils.

  • Informative website

Meanwhile, having an informative website helps customers search for products at ease. This Company’s website is informative with valuable articles. Above all, they teach customers about full-spectrum and isolates. Also, they give a full description of each product.

  • Free shipping and money-back guarantee

Indeed, this brand offers free shipping if you order goods from $89. And, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like a product.


  • Limited stock

Due to the high demand for their products, they quickly get sold out. So, it might take a while for them to restock, thereby delaying your order.

  • Too many ingredients

Although they offer vegan and non-GMO products, yet the ingredients are too plenty. One might not be sure of its health safety.

FAB CBD Customer Ratings and User Experience

Customers gave this Company a high rating due to their performance. Moreover, users were excited about the taste and high-quality of the tinctures. On the other hand, others were happy with the flavors they offer.

Bottom Line

We hope our FAB CBD Review has opened your mind to the world of this fantastic company. Generally, FAB CBD is an excellent and great value CBD Company. Besides, it is a marvelous option for new users. Also, people that want to treat a particular health problem can use it.

Above all, they provide affordable prices and great value to consumers. Their products work for several health conditions, including pain and inflammation. Moreover, if you have any doubts about a product, the brand provides a 30-day full refund. FAB CBD support is superb as they are always ready to attend to questions and complaints.

Finally, try FAB CBD and incorporate a healthy lifestyle all day long.