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CBD Topicals for Skin Care: How it works

CBD Topicals for Skin Care

Cannabidiol commonly known as CBD is a cannabinoid which occurs naturally and found in the cannabis plant. Once it has been introduced to the humans, CBD among other cannabinoids will interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system. As a result, it facilitates sleep, appetite, mood as well as pain. The products with CBD therefore create a relaxation feeling for those who consume them. These products will also help in alleviating the painful symptoms which are associated with some and even improve sleep quality.

What are CBD topicals?

Just as the name implicates, CBD topicals are essentially applied directly to one’s skin. They aren’t ingested the same way as edibles or inhaled like vapes. CBD topicals basically fall into any one of three categories below:

  • Lotions & creams
  • Salves
  • Oils and serums

How to apply CBD topicals for skin care?

Generally, the procedure for applying the CBD topical cream is explained below:

  • Prepare where you are applying it

Remove any clothing from your skin since most CBD topicals stain garment fabrics. You should then wash that area with some soap and water. Leave it to dry completely since moisture traces might impact the speed with which the topical will take effect.

  • Apply your topical

Using the fingers, apply just a small amount to the affected area where most pain is concentrated. Massage your skin in the circular direction to ensure that the topical gets thoroughly rubbed in so that you can proceed to apply more.

  • Enjoy its effects

The CBD topical is supposed to take effect quickly, although that will be determined by the CBD concentration. If need be, ensure to apply your topical to the areas around the initial spot.

CBD Topicals for Skin Care

What are some best CBD topicals for skin care?

There are different CBD topical cream variations out there but there are those that should appear on the top of the list. Below are some of the best CBD topicals according to this review.


FAB CBD offers the CBD Muscle & Joint Pain Topical. It is an effective salve which is designed for those individuals with some inflammation, muscle pain or any other painful condition.


This is a relatively highly concentrated product which offers proper balance of the subtle soothing as well as targeted pain relief. Its pleasant smell is comparable to the lightly scented lotion.


This product has 500mg strength which makes it a potent topical in the market. Being derived from some non-GMO hemp with an array of natural ingredients, it promises the best results.

Are CBD topicals safe?

CBD topicals as is the normal case with all the other CBD products have no safety issues. However, there are some long-term risks that are associated with CBD use although this is still under study. To add to that, the CBD products often come as diet supplements. They are yet to be scrutinized by the FDA.

CBD topicals buying guide

Finding the best CBD topical cream might be a bit daunting. Currently there exists several variations as they have been manufactured by different companies. You do not have to make the purchasing process any confusing more than it should be. Simply focus on what’s necessary and the process will be much easier. Below are essential tips that you need to follow when shopping for the perfect CBD skin care product.

  • The most expensive thing inside the CBD cream is normally CBD. This amount is therefore required to be the first thing to have a look at before any other thing. The price of any CBD topical should actually match the amount of CBD included.
  • Ensure that lab reports have been included. There are so many companies which are selling some misleading CBD products. In case there aren’t any lab reports showing the CBD potency, excuse yourself from the trouble by simply walking away.
  • Avoid the proprietary blends. In case a company does not tell you the amount of CBD in their topical, they don’t actually deserve your time.

Final words

In case you are searching for the best as well as the most effective ways on how to use CBD, you do not need to look more. The largest organ of your body which is the skin will be the best way to administer CBD into your body. Even though it is a bit slow when compared to the capsules & supplements, CBD normally absorbs with ease into your skin allowing for consistent as well as continuous absorption for a long time. Due to their unending therapeutic benefits, the CBD topicals have become increasingly popular.


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