CBD Cream for pain

Pain is a feeling many people battle with daily. Moreover, some are mild and calls for no concern while some are serious. However, it all depends on how severe pain is before one seeks relief. There are many pain relief products out there that don’t work. Thus, some companies came out with CBD creams to relieve pain. This review covers the best CBD cream for pain and the top brands.

Further, one can use these topical to treat pain and arthritis. However, it is not easy to cope with pain as it can make life difficult. Therefore, read on to know more about this pain relief product.

What are CBD and CBD Creams?

CBD short for cannabidiol comes from the cannabis plant. Moreover, it could come from the two cannabis strains, which are: hemp and marijuana. Marijuana contains lower levels of CBD and higher THC. On the other hand, hemp has higher CBD concentrations with little THC amounts.

Besides, most companies use hemp to make their CBD creams. So, that makes them useful for pain management.

CBD creams are a variety of CBD topical with a creamy and shiny texture. By the way, you don’t need to inhale or ingest them. Thus, you can only massage it to the skin. So, they can protect it from unwanted components entering your body. Meanwhile, it is one of the safest ways to administer CBD.

For the best use of any CBD cream for pain, apply it to the affected area. Fortunately, they can fight arthritis pain, chronic pain, and inflammation. For example, CBD topicals include lotions, creams, salves, and balms. They may be THC-free or Full-spectrum products.

CBD Cream: How can it help alleviate pain?

CBD connects to a particular receptor in the brain and immune system. Meanwhile, one of the receptors, by the name of CB2 takes part in the immune system. Therefore, it helps manage pain and inflammation. Also, scientists think that CBD attaches to CB2 anytime it goes into the body.

On the other hand, the body may build natural cannabinoids. As a result, they could attach to the CB2 receptors. Anyway, researchers believe that CBD influences this receptor response to signs. Hence, it could help alleviate pain and inflammation.

Best CBD Creams to Buy for Pain Management

When shopping for CBD creams, one has to consider some factors. Firstly, the source of hemp is vital for a quality product. Then, one can also check for the ingredients and third-party lab results.

Meanwhile, all the brands below offer quality CBD creams for pain. Now let’s take a look at them.


Overall, Fab CBD produces organically grown hemp from Colorado; thus, they have one of the best CBD creams for arthritis pain. Luckily, the cream contains 600mg of full-spectrum hemp extract. And that is what makes it offer relief for the pain. Applying Fab CBD cream is very simple because it has aloe vera and cocoa butter in it. Indeed, these ingredients give the skin a refreshing, lovely, and healthy look.

Above all, Fab CBD cream is unique because of its scent. In other words, it does not contain additives and dyes. Moreover, they contain less than 0.3% THC and are full-spectrum. This cream undergoes third-party lab tests at Pro Verde laboratories. Also, they use theCO2 method of extraction for their hemp plants. Therefore, the Company is transparent when it comes to the potency of its products.


  • Pleasant smell
  • Works well for pains
  • Non-GMO and pesticide-free
  • Organically grown hemp
  • Affordable prices
  • Informative website
  • 30-day refund policy


  • Effects take some time to show
  • Takes a while to restock
  • Limited flavors

Healthworx CBD

Likewise, this product’s hemp grows from organic Colorado farms. Also, they use the C02 method of extraction to produce their cream. These creams are non-GMO without any form of contamination.

Further, Healthworx gets its products from 100% legal sources. One can access their lab results online. Besides, these creams contain natural organic oils. The cream works for skin irritation, acne problems, and more. However, topical creams are not psychoactive; therefore, they’re safe to use.


  • Organically grown hemp
  • Gluten-free
  • Works for rheumatoid arthritis


  • The product spectrum is not specified.

Try The CBD

Indeed, this is another product for sore and joint pains. Therefore, it is ideal for athletes to offer them relief from pain. On the other hand, people with sensitive skin can also use this cream.

These creams contain high-quality ingredients, and they’re convenient to administer. Moreover, the cream contains light CBD oil and does not irritate. Each CBD cream container contains 500mg of CBD. Above all, these CBD creams are solvent and residual-free. They also come from 100% organic legal sources.


  • Free from heavy metals
  • Non-GMO
  • THC and vegan-free
  • CO2 method of extraction
  • Affordable prices


  • It takes time to rub in.


In short, CBDistillery is ideal for different skin problems. For example, individuals battling eczema, psoriasis, and acne can use this cream. Also, it can work for chronic joint and muscle pains. The Company manufactures its hemp in Colorado.

Moreover, these creams are non-GMO, organic, and pesticide-free. Therefore, they’re of good quality, pure, and potent. These creams contain 0.3% THC and are full-spectrum.


  • Contains organic extracts
  • Uses natural terpenes
  • Effect shows quickly
  • Absorbs quickly


  • A bit pricey


First of all, this is a potent pain and inflammation cream. Their CBD freeze provides a cooling sensation to sore muscles. Likewise, it especially suits amateur athletes. Meanwhile, the ingredient in it makes it work for joint pain and sore muscles.

Further, the CBD freeze is available in the form of roll-on and tubes. You can get it in three different strengths, including 300, 750, and 1500mg. Above all, cbdMD extracts its hemp from America, thereby offering the highest-quality products. Also, the creams are non-GMO and THC-free.


  • Works well for skin irritation
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Easy to use
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • CBD from natural sources
  • Free shipping in the US


  • The product is too light.


Indeed, Endoca aims at providing quality hemp to its consumers. For example, their topical products include CBD cream, salve, and CBD balm. They contain 100% organic hemp extracts. Ingredients in the cream include coconut oil and cocoa butter.

Moreover, this company cream undergoes third-party lab tests. As a result, the product is consistent and of good quality. These creams soothe joint pains and skin irritations. Above all, they’re free from harmful chemicals.


  • Full-spectrum product
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Whole-plant hemp
  • Smells good
  • Soothes the skin
  • Calms and relaxes the muscles


  • Offers only hemp-derived products
  • Product is expensive

Joy Organics

First of all, this Company is well-known for its high-quality products. The salve provides relief to the joints and other painful areas of the body. Also, they’re available in 500 and 1000mg. Above all, the creams are THC-free, and each contains 250mg of CBD.

Further, this product has undergone third-party lab tests. Therefore, it is free of heavy chemicals. Ingredients include organic olive oil, natural glycerin, and much more. Besides, the Company lab results are accessible on their websites.


  • Zero THC
  • Offers money-back guarantee
  • Premium grade products
  • Instantly soothes and moisturizes the skin
  • USA-grown hemp
  • Free shipping within the USA
  • Top-notch customer support


  • A little bit pricey

How do I use CBD cream?

First of all, your skin must be clean for the product to be effective. Apply the right quantity on your palms and massage it on the affected area. Meanwhile, rub it on the area until it absorbs totally. However, it is proper to store your creams away from direct sunlight and heat.

Also, if you’re a new user, start with smaller amounts. Discontinue use when you experience side effects.

Will CBD Cream Emit Offensive Smell?

Honestly, some pain relief creams may smell bad. Sometimes, when opening the lid, you may have to cover your nose. For CBD cream to have a foul odor depends on the ingredients. However, large amounts of camphor and menthol can be sharp.

To this end, some CBD Companies use no scents except pure hemp for their creams. Most CBD arthritis cream and back pain listed here contain essential oils. Therefore the cream will smell good like mint, menthol, or lavender.

Bottom Line

At present, finding an alternative for a condition is a relief. But, one needs to be aware of certain factors before buying a product. Even though CBD creams are safe, yet you need to consult your doctor.

CBD does not intoxicate, and it does not have many adverse effects. Moreover, all the brands in this review provide the best CBD cream for pain. Above all, consider the source of the hemp and extraction method before buying. Likewise, the potency and product type are crucial as well.

Lastly, consult your doctor before you start using CBD cream for pain.