10 Tips for Taking the CFA Exams

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) is one of the most respected designations in the finance. To enroll in this program, you must hold a bachelor’s degree, and must have four years of financial carrier/investment experience. There are three levels of exams to pass such as accounting, economics, ethics, money management, and security analysis. A financial analyst’s competence and integrity is measured by the CFA institute. There are three levels of exams offered by CFA institute.

Here are some tips to assure success:

1. A good study plan

Success is correlated with your devotion to the study. This exam is very stressful for the candidates because the pass rate is not that high. So, if you sit for CFA level 1 exam you are advised to study enormously. You must collect the CFA notes that will be the good sources of your problems. On this point you can follow the concise and effective curriculum guide from Analyst prep. You have to do between 300 and 400 hours of studying. A study planner is offered by analyst prep that can help you to improve. You must work on the additional problems with reputed preparation providers.

2. Have a good plan to manage your time

It’s very important for a student. Because good use of time and CFA notes brings good result. Each time has to be used carefully. It’s difficult to manage but still to pass the exam you must give priority to this option. You have to prevent yourself from neglecting study time. Each time is precious in this exam. Because six month is huge for a student and any student can fall behind schedule easily. So make a sound schedule for you study.

3. Find a good method studying

You have to find your own way basing on your plan to study. Practice and revision technique is an inevitable part of study. Somebody likes to go to the library; somebody studies the CFA notes at home. You have to find out what you like. You can take lessons from online based tutorial analystprep.com. You can have benefit by building short meditation practice. It will help you to be heedful to your study.

4. Give importance to the exam

You might feel that you have already covered most of the subjects on the curriculum but it will make you regret. This exam is not going to be easy. It’s a common mistake but avoid it. Even if you have already covered the subjects you might forget the details in your CFA notes. So, you have to get yourself attached with your studies. Just don’t think of it like, oh I read it or I already know it or it’s easy. Don’t underestimate the exam.

5. Practice helps to achieve goals

It’s very essential that you must be able to respond to the questions to pass the exam. So, you have to be practicing attentively. You can’t waste your time.

6. Stay motivated

You must perceive your intention to sit for CFA exam and the values of earning your CFA charter. You have to know about your ability and enthusiasm. Do you have enough patience to be on the table sticking yourself with the books or CFA notes? All your efforts will go in vain if you don’t even realize the importance of this designation.

7. Use the calculator that is approved

The ability to answer the question in a short period of time in CFA exams is a big challenge. So, practice with the approved calculator you are going to use on the exam day. It will allow you achieve efficiency.

8. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

There is no doubt that it’s one of the toughest exams for the candidates. But still you have to manage some time to keep you healthy and sound.  You must eat healthy food and be disciplined, sleep well and stay away intoxicants. Work out every day, remember being healthy allows a person to concentrate and reduces the stress level before the exam.

9. Review your progress

This is very important part for a candidate. It won’t be good if you take this lightly. You must finish covering all materials. To assess your preparations and weaknesses practice online preparation exams and try to replicate actual exam environment. This will make you more efficient during the exams.  Reviews have to be done at least one month before the exam.

10. The day before the exam

Just relax and don’t worry or even talk to anyone about your exam. Feel confident and keep all your necessities ready, so you don’t end up wasting time during the exam. Play some video games or have a relaxed evening before the exam.

So if you are planning to register CFA program you must organize your material. As a candidate of CFA you better make your plan sticking with Analyst prep and achieve your goal using the materials.Our study notes and guides are designed to teach you the curriculum. We have a comprehensive question bank and mock exams what include high quality content. It helps to replicate the difficulty of actual exam. Where upon practicing this, you will feel more easy in the exam hall.

Therefore, stick with AnalystPrep to pass the exam. Just visit www.analystprep.com to learn more about your CFA exam plan in order to succeed and you can register for free.

How to Prepare for Your CFA Level 1 Exam

Well, congratulations to you! You’ve made the decision to sit for the CFA exams. This will require a lot of your time, dedication and attention. Be prepared to be socially lost for the next few months because these exams are extremely difficult. You need to have a structured study schedule in order to efficiently utilize the time you have.

According to the CFA Institute successful candidates on average report that they spent approximately 300 hours preparing for the CFA exam in total. The required preparation time can be greater for those with a poor background in the subject matter and less for those who have a strong background in the subjects that the CFA curriculum covers.

As a plan to follow, let’s use this study plan of 300 hours:


The CFA Level I exam covers 10 topics, 18 study sessions, and 60 readings. Each subject carries a different weight in the exam. A good way to manage your study time is by allocating study time based on each topic’s weight. Follow the CFA notes for better understanding.

On average it is best to utilize the first 4 months for reading and the last one month for practice. You should practice at least 1 CFA mock exam every during the last month. Once you practice a CFA mock exam you will become familiar with the exam pattern.

Utilize your days off and weekends very efficiently, add extra study hours for those days, study the CFA notes on every weekend. Do not forget—the more you practice, the higher your chances of being successful on the exam.

End of chapter questions

Make it a point to always solve end of chapter questions and also record your progress, this will help you track how far you’ve come. Just like a CFA mock exam end-of-chapter questions will give you an overview of what areas are tested on the exam, so you can be more focused on these areas. Additionally, these questions will reveal the weaker areas that you must focus on to improve.

The last four weeks

CFA exams are held on the first Saturday of June (all levels) and the first Saturday of December (only Level I). Taking these dates into account, allow yourself four weeks earlier to the exam date to review questions and have practice sessions, also thoroughly revise the CFA notes. During this period, you should practice more intensively than in previous periods. The CFA Institute will give you one CFA mock exam. It’s recommended that you set aside at least one day to simulate exam conditions at home with the mock test: a three-hour morning session, two hours of break and a three-hour afternoon session. The CFA mock exam will help you to be well-prepared for the exam physiologically.

It would also be worthwhile to take a two to four-week study leave or annual leave for the final phase of your preparation.

Summing up, the key ti passing your CFA level 1 exams is to study for at least 300 hours with a well structured exam study plan and proper time management.

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